“Rated K: Biyaheng Korea” TV Special

Last May 29, 2011 @ 7:45pm. The night became a wonderful night to all KPOP fans in the Philippines as Rated K, a show hosted by Korina Sanchez on ABS-CBN, did a special episode on Korea. “Rated K: Biyaheng Korea”

The episode was composed of five stories.

The first story shows the different foods and fashion to see in Korea.
The korean foods that were shown are those only common like Kimchi, Bulgogi, Bibimbap, and their most popular delicious streetfood, Tteokpogi.
“If you want to go to Korea for shopping, you should really know your size because fitting is NOT allowed in their stores.” The host stated.

The second story shows off the different places and some infos about their portable videoke that is popular worldwide especially here in the Philippines.

The third story talks about Robots. Engkey Robots (English Key Robots) and Silbot (Robot that is a friend of older people) by KIST (Korean Institute of Science and Technology) was presented to this story. Align with this, EFL (English of Foreign Language) Teachers was also featured. And it’s proud to know that the people behind the voice of the robots are all Filipinos.

The fourth story entitled “Kakaiba sa Korea” shows the unique views to see in Korea like the Floating Island (located near the southermost part of Banpo Bridge, is the nation’s first-ever artificial islet that floats on the surface of the water), the 8kilometre Cheonggyecheon Stream (a park in an underpass that has waterfalls and bridge for tourists), the Gwanghwamun, the Blue House (the executive office and official residence of the South Korean head of state, the President of Korea), the Banpo Bridge (which is the longest bridge in the World. It has fountain on its side that dances to music) the Mr. Toilet House (created by the Mayor of Seoul),and the Jindo Sea Parting (that usually happens in April).

The last story was the boom of the episode as they features the clips of different K-POP groups like Wondergirls, Super Junior, 2ne1, Girls Generation, BigBang, TVXQ, 2PM, 2AM, etc. and other KPOP popular artists like Rain and Song Seung Hun, the main lead of My Princess, the latest done Korean drama that was shown in the Philippines. The Korean Wave book is also seen in this story. SM Entertainment Company where SM artists like Super Junior are staying for their practice and the Star Avenue in Lotte World was also featured.

The show ended, leaving most KPOP fans unsatisfied to this short episode.


James-oppa dances to SHINee’s Lucifer

I know. Many of you still don’t know about this (tragic) event that happened last year in KOR on MOR. So now, I’ll share it to you.

*Please watch this video with an open mind. LOL Just Kidding*

This was just one of the K.O.R ON MOR (Crazy-fun-wild) Behind-the-Scenes I have here. LOL XD See how talented our DJ was? /gets bricked

Note: James-Oppa, the moment that you’ll watch this, I’m pretty sure that I’m now afar…kidding! wahahahaha *evil laughs*

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Just to inform you to watch OUT for all the crazy/fun videos, pictures, etc. I have here in my files because I’m in the mood to share everything in here. YES, you read it right. EVERYTHING~! I have great news to those KTI artists who were fond of doing silly things around..be ready for being the highlight of every posts. Well, this is not for one’s to have a bad image. I’m just doing this for us to remember the happy/fun/crazy/silly moments we had together. Isn’t it exciting neh? But don’t worry, this won’t give a high-blood pressure. (I hope)

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This is Chanmin. Now signing off~! ❤

20100717 1st KPOP Dance Showdown in Town!

May 17, 2011 1 comment

July 17, 2010 was the day that we, KPOP Fans will not ever forget…

This was the day that we attended the FIRST EVER – KPOP DANCE SHOWDOWN here in our very own town.

The event was hosted by MOR DJ’s James Oppa and Unnie Jillian. They started the program with some K-POP Trivias and Q&A’s.

I really can say that KPOP TOWN rocks for being confident in going to the stage to answer. LOL

Many people esp. KPOP fans really showed their support on all the contestants from the audition until the contest proper.

(Mian, I dont have the list of winners. XD)

Well, here’s the pictures of KTI with the other K-POP clubs here in Bacolod.

It’s our privilege for our club to be one of the people behind of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

The event was organized by ABS-CBN Bacolod and M.O.R (esp. K.OR ON MOR Segment). And we’re hoping for the next KPOP Dance Showdown to be more MORE MORE BETTER than this.


20100716 SEOUL Teen Fashion

July 18, 2010 2 comments

Last July 16,  at exactly 6pm live @SM Event Centre, KPOP TOWN supported the first ever SEOUL TEEN Fashion. The night became a gorgeous night when 5 unnies and 5 oppas from University of St. La Salle stepped on the ramp floor like professional models. Thanks to Folded&Hung, Mossimo, Maldita, The Body Shop, etc. that makes them more gorgeous.

20100704 Worldwide TVXQ Flashmob

July 4, 201o exactly at 12:26pm – SM City Bacolod.

KPOP Town International in Bacolod City, Philippines also known as the CASSPH TVXQ Flashmob -Bacolod Chapter performed at the center of the crowd to show support for TVXQ.

Pictures above show the banners used for the event. (N.B. The “東方神起 and 동방신기 믿어요” banners were edited because of the actual hangul error in 믿어요).

Before the performance, the members paraded the banners throughout the mall for a feel of excitement.

Then, voila~ the PERFORMANCE!!


After the performance, we directly went to Odyssey (SM Bacolod Branch) where the staff gladly granted our request to play the BEST SELECTION 2010 ALBUM of TVXQ.

Although they were only a few of us who did the dance, our hearts are filled with happiness knowing that we have joined the millions of fans around the world in expressing their love and support for the Five Gods of the East.

Always Keep the Faith!